Our Services

Specializing in over-sized transport, our services are available across the country. We operate 24 hours a day, 7 days a week to ensure that you are covered by our services. Shamick Transport aims to deliver timely, cost-efficient, and high quality transport solutions.

General Cartage

Our fleet can accommodate a wide range of cargo – this freight can include goods that are either caged or on pallets, a variety of machinery, forklifts, highway transportation as well as agricultural goods.

Our fleet of trucks that can service these loads include  super tilts, twin steer tilt trays, quad deck float-trailers, semi-trailers, flat top and drop deck trailers, and steerable jinkers for the extra-long loads.


Over-Mass and Over-Dimensional Load Transport

At Shamick Transport - size, length, and weight are just numbers. We are determined to help you transport your over-mass and over-dimensional load to your desired location.

Our fleet of trucks include extendable drop deck with ramps, extendable flat tops, quad deck widener float with dolly, steerable jinker, and our newly appointed super tilt trailers.

Our expertise include transport of mobile cranes, transportable buildings, over-sized fabricated steel structures, over-sized vessels and bulk fuel tanks.

Each job is thoroughly planned and includes any necessary allowances for permits, pilot and escort services, closures etc.


Pilot Vehicle Services

Pilot and escorts are a necessity when guiding a wide load vehicle due to the inherent dangers potentially associated with the larger dimensions of these vehicles. Because of this, it is highly important to choose a pilot vehicle service that can provide the safest possible escort both through knowledge and equipment. 

Shamick Transport has an excellent understanding of maintaining the safety of trucks and their drivers when they are carrying wide loads. Significant experience has provided us the required knowledge to offer an exceptional pilot and escort service for wherever you might need to go or however wide your load transport requirement might be.